Hair Colors: Colorations Trends

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Balayage technique

Balayage is a freehand technique in hair dyeing where the coloring is applied to the hair with a brush. The transitions to the natural hair color are so very soft and it creates a natural look as kissed by the sun. Balayage has many advantages over traditional dyeing methods: The approach remains largely untreated, the color is applied in length and especially in the tips - thus the hair can be crested as desired and it does not have to be constantly re-dyed.


Foilyage is a combination of the free-hand technique Balayage and the precise foil strands technique. At first, single strands are freehand processed and highlighted using the balayage technique, followed by the foil technique in the tips to set particularly bright accents. This ensures a sun kissed beach look in a class of its own. Thanks to the previously used balayage technique, the transition from darker to brighter tips is smooth and soft, making it particularly natural.

Mellow tint against gray hair

Naturalness is in vogue - and so it is not surprising that the so-called mellow tint is currently very popular. The mild tint conceals gray hair in the most natural way, shortening the tinting time. The hair is not completely covered by the tint and let the gray hair shimmer like highlights. Also ideal for transitional hairstyles, because so an approach can grow out quite 'mellow'. For an optimal result you should let a professional, otherwise local color accidents are not excluded!

Ombre Hair

Ombré Hair is one of the absolute trend hairstyles - and has been for several years. But no wonder, the look with a dark neck and bright tips is just about every woman and can be completely individual. Whether in natural or bright colors, with a strong or less strong contrast - the color gradient effect is particularly versatile. In contrast to the balayage technique is not worked with individual highlights, but the hair is dyed from about chin height or deeper, so that the hair tips are completely covered. This creates a stronger contrast.

Even softer than Ombré is the new hair color trend Sombre!


Classic bleaching uses hydrogen peroxide to remove color from the natural color. The dandruff layer is chemically disrupted, which puts a lot of strain on the hair and is often responsible for the strawy look of bleached hair. The stronger the contrast to natural hair, the greater the strain on the hair. Therefore, best done by the expert. He also knows best whether a dark ash blond, warm golden blond or hip platinum blond fits best to your own skin and hair type and can give appropriate care tips on the way.

Tip for all women who dye their hair regularly and have to fight with split ends and hair breakage: Olaplex! The three-step system is considered a true miracle drug, which thanks to new drug formula damaged hair from the inside rebuilds and brings back the shine. And also glossing is to help the hair in no time to more shine.

Dye hair yourself at home

No time for a hairdresser visit, but unsure about hair coloring at home? Then the new SHYNE Color Box could be just the thing. It answers online some questions: So the color experts get a more accurate picture of the hair and the wishes for the new color and send based on the own hair profile an all-inclusive package for dyeing at home. The Color Box contains not only the perfectly matched color, but also an own, highly effective care series and all necessary utensils. All products are completely free of mineral oils, sulfates, silicones, parabens and animal experiments. Ideal also for bridging two barber visits.

And best of all, if you're unsure about the color, contact a Shyne Color expert, upload a photo of your own hair, and find the perfect tone with it. Nothing can go wrong and color accidents are a thing of the past.

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