Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Semi-open hair

Not only practical, because the hair is kept from the face, but to look pretty are half-open hair. If you weave small braids and put them together with the remaining open hair into a half braid on the top of your head, which you wrap around with a strand of hair, this beautiful hairstyle is created - also succeeds, if you have to go fast!

Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair is one of the trend hairstyles of 2019 - with long hair, the look works especially in the sleek version, that is ultra-smooth. This way, the brightened hair tips are shown to perfection.

Long hair to the side parting

The Spanish Victoria's Secret Model Blanca Padilla styles her casual beach waves to the side of her head.

Bubble ponytail

Minimal effort, maximum effect: With a few simple steps, a boring ponytail becomes a real eye-catcher! Simply divide the braid with small transparent hair ties, pluck a little bit with your fingers and fix with hair spray!

Maybe interesting too? Make simple hairstyles yourself!

Braided braid

Model Estela Grande wears her long hair braided plait. Tie a high ponytail for this look and braid to the tips. Close the braid with a thin hair tie.

Half Up Ponytail

Our favorite look, which can also be styled with medium-length hair: Divide the top coat and tie it into a high ponytail. Here's more inspiration for pigtails!

Pony away

How to spice up a long-haired hairstyle and also stylishly put away the pony, this PFW visitor shows: Pull a deep side parting and stick with hairpins.

Boxer Braids

Braided hairstyles are more fashionable than ever: For the Boxer Braids, first pull a center parting and braid each along the head. If you want, you can decorate the braided hairstyle with cool hair accessories.

Casual bun

The fact that the Dutt has long since become suitable for Red Carpet proves the actress Tiffany Brouwer. To pick out single highlights for a casual look.

Long hairstyle with cloth

Blogger Alexandra Lapp puts on a colorful cloth as a hair accessory: For this look, put the cloth in the middle of the neck and pull the ends up. Then twirl the ends once around each other and tie them together at the nape of the neck.

Half Bun

This festival visitor wears a hip half bun. Similar to the Half Up Ponytail, top hair is split off and instead of a ponytail, a bun is wrapped here.

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