Balayage hairstyles - the trendy look of the year is everything

Natural trend. And more fashion about people who scatter natural people. This “balayage” hair color is a big hit. Balayage comes from the French "s and" means something like: highlights are painted over the hair or "wiped" the hair by hand.


Subtle or stronger contrasts: Targeted brushing on color creates more volume, which can be very different depending on hair type and color. The beneficial contouring effect around the facial features is a particularly attractive feature of the balayage technique, created through the harmonious interaction between light and dark hues. 

For example, cheekbones can be shown in the best light with wires placed at this level of the face. If you choose a darker color, the face will look subtly narrowed. Balayage is not just a sophisticated play of color for hair and hairstyle – the technology also allows for ingenious modeling of the face, creating a natural total work of art thanks to the highlighted high and low lights.

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